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FIFA World Cup in Cuiaba

February 28, 2012

While the host cities for World Cup Football games were being selected, the capital of Mato Grosso, Cuiaba, came in the lime light.

Cuiaba is also known as the “Green City”, since it is located at the crucial junction of three distinctive ecosystems, namely the wetlands of the Pantanal, the savannahs of the Cerrado and the Amazon. Also, it neighbors the mountain range of Chapada dos Guimaraes, which attracts thousands of visitors every year to its archaeological sites and 3,300-square kilometers of National Park for World cup 2014 in Cuiaba.

Mixto Esporte Clube, Mato Grosso’s a major club, is proud of holding one of the leading fan bases in the centre-western region of Brazil. In contrast The Tigres (Tigers) is on top of the list of most state titles and played for 11 consecutive seasons in the first division of Campeonato Brasileiro from 1976. Its main city contenders are the Cuiabá Esporte Clube and the Clube Esportivo Dom Bosco, other than the Operário Futebol Clube, from the neighboring city of Várzea Grande. Read news about Football in Mato Grosso.

Although World cup 2014 is expected to raise the football fever, it doesn’t pride itself of possessing a rich football tradition. In fact, none of its teams has been able to attain the Top Division of Brazilian League yet. Moreover, the existing stadium of the city, the José Fragelli stadium, also known as the Verdão (Big Green), is incapable of a World Cup match performance. The 45,000-seater arena remained one of the primary venues for football games until 2010 and has entertained a few of Brazil’s friendly matches.

At this moment in time, a new stadium, Arena Pantanal, is being constructed at a cost of $250 million as a replacement of the Verdão, to host the World cup 2014 in Cuiaba. The new multi-use arena will be able to accommodate 42,500 people is currently in the planning stages. The scintillating stadium will entertain its consumers by providing them with a shopping mall and conference facilities for the World cup 2014 in Cuiaba.

Moreover, as one of the host cities for 2014 FIFA World Cup, Cuiaba’s airport passenger terminal will be renovated in due course  to welcome football fans from around the world to the beautiful colonial city of Cuiaba. The roads are being freshly rebuilt and the hotels and lodges are getting revamped to assure its visitors of wonderful and electrifying moments in this sub-tropical paradise during the World cup 2014 in Cuiaba.

In fact, the city is making great efforts to ensure that it is fully prepared in due course World cup 2014 in Cuiaba and it seems exceedingly uncertain that Cuiaba will be cut from the list of host cities, as it’s been rumoured. The city has 46 hotels (2011) and has started construction of five new roads to refurbish the infrastructure. One of the roads, The Avenida das Torres, is already in operation and the rest of them are expected to be completed with the other four also set for completion in concurrent with the new stadium, in late 2012, for the World cup 2014 in Cuiaba.

However, the preparations go beyond World cup 2014 in Cuiaba. It is expected that the Cuiaba’s youth will be inspired to take the football legacy forward and would make use of the two freshly constructed training centers; something that their predecessors haven’t been able to do so far.

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